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Eskom Market Position

Regarding the position of "Eskom" and its products on the market, it is enough to say that we are widespread all over Serbia, from large shopping centers to small village…

Quality Politique

By defining ourselves as leaders in Central Europe in the production of domestic frozen cookies and cakes, we have set ourselves our development path, which in a couple of years has reached such a rise that we can freely say that we are already in Europe.

We could not achieve all this without fulfilling and maintaining certain parameters at a high level, as well as following the guidelines set for this road.…

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Quality 100%

Good Partnership Relations

Building good partnerships with our suppliers and customers, through mutual trust, exchange of knowledge and experience, as well as the possibility of quickly and easily overcoming any problem in these relations are just some of the numerous reasons for our company's great success.

We Care About Our Employees

Special care for employees, which enables them to increase their competence for work through regular training, as well as their motivation for work by improving the conditions of the same and taking care of their standard of living, because only a satisfied employee can give his full contribution to the development of the company and increase the level of its reputation.

Competent and highly qualified professional leadership is always available, as one of the stronger sides of our company.

Eskom Premium Line

What Our Customers Say

Do not believe in the quality of our services and products? Let a large number of satisfied customers talk about us!